The Word

The Word is the only Way

The Way

Do you realize that the entire Bible is inspired by God himself? There are some texts which are direct quotes of God where the author simply copied down exactly what God said. That’s why the scribes of old would take painstaking measures to make sure the text was copied correctly. Even if there were mistakes, grammatical or otherwise, they would copy it regardless. They were very careful to change anything irrespective of their opinion or feels towards the matter. They knew the God who created the universe said it and it was worth their effort to copy it correctly.

In the book of Psalm Chapter 100, the author David says, “enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise.” Do you realize that David just gave you the keys to God’s heavenly realm? Let’s take it even further, God gave David the keys, who passed it on to us, so we might enter his heavenly realm. We have the keys to his courtroom. He gave us the keys to his kingdom; access to his personal chamber (found throughout the book of Songs of Solomon).  God gave David the words which gave access. The word of God gives access, it’s the key, it’s The Way.

In John Chapter 1, we find out that the word of God, that which he used to speak the world into being, that which he spoke to the prophets, that which he gave to his people to enter into his presence has put on flesh and became a human being and lived with us here on earth. God gave his word to David to enter into his Holy Bedchambers and now God has put flesh on his word and allowed the same word to live with us here on earth.

God’s Word is spirit and life. His word lives. When God speaks, his word is so powerful that it takes on self-awareness. Whatever is in the heart of God, his word goes out and creates, breaks down barriers, heals, binds up wounds, restores beauty. God’s word accomplishes the desires of God’s heart. The Word has a personality which is completely identical to God, yet separate from Him. The Word bears the same character as God. When the Word was issues from the mouth of God, it went out, moved, and lived, and did and still does what God the Father of the word say.

In fact, God’s word is the only way back to God. His Word leaves a trail which leads right back to him. In everything the Word accomplished, there are signs posts which lead back to One who started it all; the Father and Author of the Word. All that’s required is trust that you trust what the Word proclaimed. Trust that what the Word accomplished is true, because just as David was given the keys, so is the Word the keys. The same trust in Jesus, the Word leads us to the presence of God.

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