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[Short Story] In The Beginning

In the beginning is the first chapter of my book “In Fullness of Glory,” a non-fiction Christian inspirational work. I often use short stories to express ideas which can only be understood when deeply felt. Enjoy and thank you for reading.

Everyone grew silent. No one stirred. No one moved. Something great was about to happen and the anticipation was growing thick in the air. The angels watched intently as the Creator began his work. God, three in one, took center stage. And like a symphony, before it begins, preparations were made. God had a plan, a piece of music to be played. But of course, all the angels knew that when God steps out like this, it is going to be an amazing sight.

Then he spoke, “Let the show begin. I will build for myself a temple.”

“A temple, what’s a temple?” they all whispered amongst themselves.

“A place where my presence will dwell,” God proclaimed quite boldly.

All the angels looked at each other a bit confused. They thought that the current space they lived in was already God’s dwelling place. So what was this temple He spoke of? God lifted up His hands and his Spirit went forth. And this would prove to truly be an amazing adventure for the angels; because this is the first time they were ever to witness the creation of a whole new world. When they were created, the current world they lived in was already in existence. So this was quite a sight to behold.

The Spirit of the Lord rose up like a great and mighty wind, shaking everything in His path. The trees swayed back and forth. The waters of heaven synchronized. And what seemed completely discombobulating became symphonic. God’s Spirit filled the atmosphere in a different way. It was as if He hovered, just waiting for the first command. All chatter had ceased and everyone’s eyes were focused on God. They awaited the revelation of the Creator’s great plan.

The power of God began to intensify as though preparing to do something big. Finally, everyone was in his place. The wind, brass, string, and percussion instruments were all ready. The Creator had not yet given a command. Not long after, He opened His mouth, lifted both His hands and spoke, “Let there be light,” in a thunderous voice. No sooner than when the words escaped His lips, the most beautiful music arose. Everyone played together in one beautiful harmonic voice. God’s Spirit lit up the sky. It was almost as if the entire atmosphere was on fire. Yet it was not in any way harmful to the multitude of spectators.

This was the beginning of a new atmosphere where the physical realm would exist. This new atmosphere was completely different than any other the angels had ever witnessed. The complexity of physical science was formed, expressing the beauty of the Creator’s heart in a new way. And though the bodies of the angels had been enveloped in this creation process, they were certainly aware that their feet had not left heaven. These two realities where somehow overlapping.

God spoke again and His Spirit moved and the earth was formed. The entire congregation of angels gasped at the sight. Then God uttered another command, “Let there be light.” And there it was. But this light was not like the first light. This light seemed like a great smoke at first, and then it became dense and eventually formed what is now the sun. These physical things were certainly not of the same bodies as the angels, yet they declared the glory of God loudly.

The Creator created many planets in many different varieties and forms. He set them all in their orbit around their sun. There was one particular planet called Earth, God allowed His Spirit to hover over its waters. Then He meticulously formed and created the land and the sea. He created vegetation, seed-bearing plants, and trees that bore fruit. Then there was one particular area on the planet the Creator called Eden. And in Eden, he planted a beautiful garden. He allowed his Spirit to flourish that garden and when it was all complete, he inspected the work himself and made sure everything was good.

The angels know what it is like to serve the true and living God. They know what it is like to be directed by Him. They know what it was like to go where He bids them to go and come where He commands them to come. And it has always been their pleasure to execute the will of Almighty God. After all, it was for that purpose they were created.

But when God stepped down on planet earth and he formed man with his very hands. When God breathed the breath of life into man, He made man in the image of himself. The angels wondered with great amazement: what is man that you are mindful of him. What is man that you crown him with glory and honor? What is man that you give him free will? What is man that you give him your creation to have dominion? What is man that you love him?

“It is my nature to love,” God replied. Well, it all makes sense now. Humanity is the offspring of God. They are the beloved children of God. He wants a class of creatures who would love Him by their own free will. “Yes, and though the world they are living in is completely unruly, I have placed my Spirit within them and have given them my power to subdue it,” God looked around with a bright smile on his face. “Oh, how wonderful it will be when they realize their full potential within me.”

“These men and women are my children. They are my image on this earth and I have given them the fullness of my glory. When the rest of creation sees them, it will be as if they are seeing me because my glory will be upon them. And though evil ones arise from among you,” a gasp of surprise came from the entire crowd.  “Yes, many of you will betray me. Evil ones from among you will tempt many of my children away from me. They will dishonor me by corrupting my divine image in my creation. The mind of men will become clouded with sin, their spirit corrupted with darkness and they will lose sight of me their Father. As a result, many of my children will lose sight of who they are. But many of them will come looking for me. I made them to have intimate relations with me. So when they hunger, when they are sad, when they feel pain, it will be a reminder that they were made for intimacy with their Father, Lover, King, and Friend. Their true purpose can only be found in me. And when they come, I will hold them in the safety of my arms.”

The Lord turned towards the entire congregation of heaven. “I am sending my word, my eternal power that brought everything into existence. His name will be Jesus. He is my unique Son, the radiance of my glory, and the exact representation of my being. Even though my glory cannot dwell with sinful man, I will not leave man without an image of me in the earth. Jesus will be their roadmap back to me. He will be the blueprint for their lives. He will be the lighthouse for those who are lost at sea. He will show them the way to my presence and introduce the Holy Spirit to dwell within them. He will show them the fullness of my glory, the way, the truth, and the life. He is the King of Glory”


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[Short Story] Needed to be Loved

This story has inspired so many people to see love differently. This story is a fresh taste of love told in an unconventional way.


She looked into his eyes and became lost in his eternity. Her heart fluttered like a thousand little butterflies in the bright of spring. “My love,” she whispered. But not a word came out of his mouth. Yet she knew how he felt. He loved her and it was all in his eyes. Her eyes immediately filled up with tears, as her heart overflowed with a joy that was unspeakable. She stepped in closer to him and wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly. He could not escape her grasp, but he did not want to. Tears were running down her face and her ears were pressed firmly against his chest. His warmth was radiating and his heart was racing. His arms closed in around her, saturating her with his love. She had never been so happy to see her husband, lover, and friend. She felt closer to him than ever before.

And without a thought or effort, without a trace, all her pain was washed away. All the people who used her, in an instant, did not matter. The bitterness of being lied to and disappointed suddenly disappeared. She did not have to do anything but accept his love. There were no other obligations but just to allow her husband to really love her. And though it was an initial struggle for her, his true intentions were apparent when he came to her rescue. And who would have thought to rescue a whore? Who would have thought to listen to the heart’s cry and prayers of a woman broken in spirit? There was no innocence in her. Her virginity was taken long ago. She was used and unwanted. Yet when she called out, “I just want somebody to love me,” he answered and came running.

He was a respectable man in the community. He had done many things in the name of our Lord and is seen as a righteous and holy man. People often looked to him for counsel and advice; he was held in high esteem. Yet, that meant nothing when compared to his love for her. So what pain he must have felt when he found out where his wife was. She was back in the arms of her former lovers; those who paid to use her. She was caught up in the web of lies her mother bore her into. This depraved life was her only truth and he knew that. He knew her struggles and still, he loved her. He knew her shame and yet he held her close. He knew her affections had a split personality. Sometimes she wanted him and other times she felt the pull back to the life of the Red Light District. Yet his mind was exclusively on her and her alone. He grabbed his leather trench coat and hit the streets; his destination, the Red Light District. He wanted his wife back and he was prepared to fight to get her.

On his way there, the people who knew him recognized him and the chatter began. The rumors flew, “Isn’t he married? Why is he heading to the Red Light District?” Those who knew him personally and the predicament he was in advised him, “Please don’t do this. You can easily get a quiet divorce and be done with her. There are better women out there.” Others started to say, “His wife is a whore.” And others chimed to confirm, “I knew there was something wrong with him. No one is that perfect.” It got out over the social media and grapevines and his reputation took a steep decline. But matter the price, no matter the consequences, his love would not say no.

He sought her in the storefronts where she would be on display. He walked quickly, looking for that familiar face and figure. But she was nowhere to be found. He pulled a picture out of his wallet and started to ask questions, “Have you seen this woman? Have you seen this woman? She is my wife, have you seen her? I know she is around here somewhere.” Then finally a man stepped out of one of the stores. He was quite big in stature. He was about 6’5” and had a rather large stomach. When he stepped out he had a handkerchief he was using to wipe the sweat from his forehead. The husband stepped quickly towards the man and showed him the picture of his wife, “did you see this woman in that store?” The man with a big grin on his face replied, “I was just with her.”

Anger and jealousy rose up within him and he stepped past the man almost knocking him out of the way and ran into the store. To the first person, he saw he said, “I want this girl.” The attendant pointed towards room number eight. He stepped into the room, closed the door behind him, and walked in slowly. The room was very shabby, as though there was no effort in putting it together. There was a double bed off to the side and it had a red veil as a canopy. There was a woman lying in the bed with her arms out wide as though she was tired and resting, just like his wife would do when she was tired. The woman became startled as though she fell asleep and was awaken suddenly. His wife was always a light sleeper. The woman spoke slowly as though she was drunk, “please, just allow me 10 minutes to freshen up. You can have a seat.

“Marie? Is that you?” her husband asked.

“John?” she replied with a shocked sound in her voice. She grabbed one end of the sheet and tried to cover herself. He walked over to the bed and pulled the veil and there was his wife completely naked and bruised. She had dark circles beneath her eyes. And though the sheets were pink and red, he could clearly see that there was blood on them.

The pain of seeing his beloved in this way set off in him what seemed like an eternal pain. Marie could not look at him; she tried to hide her face as the shame of her activities finally made itself apparent. She started to breathe heavily and she cried out, “John I am so sorry.” John took off his leather trench coat, reached out to his wife and picked her up by the hand. He used his trench coat and wrapped it around her. He picked her up and started to carry her out of the store.

But as he was walking out, there came a rustling from the back. Word had gotten to the owner that one of his workers was leaving before her contracted time. “Where do you think you are going? She has a contract with me,” the owner exclaimed.

John replied, “She is my wife and I am taking her out of this God-forsaken place.”

“Well you must first satisfy the contract, or else I will call the authorities.”

“How much,” John angrily replied.

“Well, she has three years of service left in her contract, and she averages 36k per year, so you do the math” the owner nastily said.

John gingerly put his wife down to sit on a chair near the exit. He pulled out his cell phone and called his assistant, “I want you to transfer 108 thousand dollars to this account.” He passed the phone to the store owner, “give him your account number.” The store owner gave John’s assistant the numbers, the call ended, and the store owner handed him the phone back. “And if you come near my wife or anyone in my family for that matter, you will be sorry.” John turned and picked up his wife, “You’re going to pay for everything you did to her.”

“I felt as though I had nowhere to go. I just could not escape,” the tears started running down Marie’s face again.

“I know baby, but you are safe now.” John got his cell phone again and called his assistant, “get me a car, at the entrance of the Red Light District, I want to go to the hospital.”

At the worst time in her life, he still loved her. Though she was not faithful he still paid her ransom. He took her, washed and cleaned her wounds, and loved her the way she needed to be loved.