FREE ebook – Do You Think Your Mother Would Like Me?

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“The drama will keep the pages turning and the story will melt your heart.”

FREE ebook - Do You Think Your Mother Would Like Me?

How did Marcus Warren, a successful investment banker come to fall in love with Silvia Garnet, a woman with an ugly past, chaotic present, and what seems like a hopeless future?

Sylvia feels as though her life is on a downward spiral. Her career has seen its glory days, but those days are long gone. When she walks in on her best friend being raped, Sylvia jumps into action and gets her friend out of a horrible situation.

Things look up when her actions capture the attention of Marcus Warren, a successful finance manager. But Sylvia must battle her own demons to find a way to love this far too perfect man. Plus, who would want to be with a woman with such a tattered past?

Sylvia is certainly not the poster child of a perfect woman and there are videos on the internet to prove it. She’s hard to love, especially when everyone says she’s not worth it. Can Marcus see through her murky past?

“Do You Think Your Mother Would Like Me?” is T. A. Grant’s breakout contemporary romance novel with tons of drama at every turn?

If you like the drama of tv series Empire mixed with a gushing love story from a Nora Roberts book, then you’ll love T. A. Grant’s new drama romance.

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