Chp 2 Teacher’s Note – Do You Think Your Mother Would Like Me?

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Chapter 2: Teacher’s Note

FREE ebookHe walked through the door and waited until it was shut before looking back. He peered through a shatterproof window, the wires that ran through them, obscured his vision. He could still see the black Mercedes-Benz parked to the side. Sylvia was still sitting inside and for a full 30 seconds she did not move. Her head was against the steering wheel. He could not help but be a bit worried for her. And though he did not want to be near her, he pitied her tortured existence. Finally he saw her reach for her bag and pull out what looked like her cell phone. She placed it to her ear and with her other arm turned the steering wheel and drove off. Joshua let out a big sigh, turned and headed off towards his first period class. On the way, he stopped by his locker, quickly put in his combination, flung the door open and shoved his school bag inside. He pulled out his English book, closed the locker door and sped off to class. The entrance to the class was towards the back of the room. If he was quiet enough, he could easily sneak in without the Ms. Anders noticing. His assigned seat was towards the back but all the way at the other end of the classroom. He peeked into the window and saw that the teacher’s back was turned. So he slowly open the door and tried his best the tippy toe across the hard concrete floor. Just as he was halfway across the classroom, Brian noticed him, raised his hand and said, “Ms. Anders, I have a question.” Joshua’s eyes brightened almost popping out of his head. He should not have be surprised that Brian would do something so brazen to give him away. Joshua’s surprise quickly turned to anger. He turned his face towards Brian and shot a fierce look. Ms. Anders, without turning her head said, “yes Brian what is it.”

“Ahhh… actually never mind Ms. Anders, I believe I found the answer to my problem,” he said sarcastically. By that time Joshua had found his seat.

“So good of you to join us Mr. Bradley,” she said again without turning her head. “I’m so glad you made it into class today, albeit a little late. But you know what they say, better late than never.”

“I am very sorry Ms. Anders, my mom,” he barely stumbled out the words before Ms. Anders cut him off.

“No worries Mr. Bradley, we will certainly speak about this incident and your mom after class,” she said, without a trace of sarcasm. The comment made the class go “Oohhh.”

Joshua again looked over to Brian who was staring straight ahead with a stupid grin on his face. “What a jerk,” Joshua said under his breath.

The bell rang and he stayed seated as the other kids stood up and walked out of the classroom. Once they were all gone, he stepped towards Ms. Anders’ desk. She was obviously very young. The rumor was she was about 23 years old and had recently broken up with her boyfriend. With thick flowing brown hair and cheek bones that made her look like a Victoria Secret model had lost her way and somehow ended up at this school; and those legs. It is probably not lawful for a teacher to be this hot. The boys in the class could not stop staring every time she wore a skirt. “Miss Anders, that was a great lesson today by the way. I thought the one last week Wednesday was truly enlightening but today’s lesson beats them all,” Joshua said without a blink and in his most cheery voice. Miss Anders now moving back in her chair folded her arms and looked at him with an unimpressed smirk. Not a word nor sound came from her, but only a singular penetrating look. “And about this morning, I assure you that this small mishap will never happen again. I mean, I was only about 5 minutes late.”

“As a matter of fact, you were 10 minutes late for the third time this month. Another tardy and it will have an unexcused absence.,” Ms. Anders said in as stern a voice as a Victoria Secret model could manage. “I would like to meet your parents Mr Bradley,” she said again. She reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a letter. “Please give this letter to your parents and we will have to setup a meeting for all of us to sit down and talk. Plus, I didn’t get a chance to meet them at the parent teachers conference.”

“That sounds really good Ms. Anders, but really, a note?” Joshua said in a tone which suggested that she had gone way too far.

“What? I have to make it look realistic,” Ms. Anders said, she got up from her chair and moved closer to Josh. The classroom was finally empty and they were alone. “I wouldn’t want anyone thinking that I’m giving you preferential treatment, now do it?” Ms Anders said in a sarcastically implied tone. She grabbed his belt buckle and pulled him towards a supply closet. Her heels made her only a few inches short of Joshua’s six feet two inches basketball frame. “I missed you,” she said softly and kissed him. Joshua’s hands studied her slender body, traveling down the low of her back. His arms where trained and strong. He knew what she would like. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted. The two figures, still attached by the lips, and her head bowed to meet his. But there came a sound, setting off alarms in their minds. He lowered her back to the ground. “Call me,” she said softly. Joshua was left speechless like many other times before. She liked the rush. The feeling of almost being caught, but he didn’t.

“I would be more than happy to pass this note along to my mother. But see the thing is my mother can be a very busy woman,” Joshua said, speaking loudly and attempting to sound as mature and educated as he could. He peeked through cracks in the closet door, but the other students where still standing outside.

“Then what about your father,” she replied. “Your girlfriend will be one lucky girl,” she added in a whisper. Whenever she said that, it always left him confused. One thing was for certain, she did not consider herself his girlfriend.

“Well, I would have to send out a search party to locate that dead beat,” he said so matter of fact that Ms Anders could not help but smile in amusement. “What are you talking about!” Joshua replied in like whisper.

“Well, try your best Mr. Bradley. Please see what you can do in getting your mom to meet with me,” Ms Anders said before sitting back in her chair.

“I’ll try Ms. Anders,” he reluctantly agreed. With that he smiled, picked up his English book and walked towards the exit of the classroom. As he reached the door, he slowed his pace and looked back to find her brown eyes meeting his. He quickly looked ahead as though he was caught doing something he should not have done and stepped out the class.

“I’ll try Ms. Anders,” Brian standing outside the door said in a condescending voice. “I am very sorry Ms. Anders,” he continued mocking him. “I love you Ms. Anders, I want to have your babies Ms. Anders.”

“Dude, you’re such a jerk. Really…why do you have to be such a jerk?” Joshua said briefly looking at Brian before walking away.

“Oh please, you know you want to have her babies. She is by far the hottest teacher in this entire school, and she asked you to stay after class.” The thought had entered Joshua’s mind many times throughout the class period, but it would be quickly dismissed, because what is the possibility anyways? That look, the time their eyes met. No, that was probably nothing.

“Yeah, all because you wanted to be a jerk and raise your hand just to get me in trouble. Now I have a note from the teacher to my mom.” Brian took a few quick steps attempting to catch up to Josh’s pace.

“Your mom is pretty hot too, what I wouldn’t give to have your mom and Ms Anders,” Brian replied, licking his lips.

“Seriously, you’re sick. You need some serious help,” Joshua said shaking his head attempting to rid himself of the thought.s

“Hey, I was just helping a brother out,” Brian said raising an eyebrow and throwing one arm around Josh’s shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s what you said about Denise,” Josh replied in a tone of disbelief.

“Well I can’t help that she liked me better. I mean I am the cute one. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard,” he said with a self assured look on his face. Brian was cocky but it was not just talk. He did catch the eye of many of the girls in their class. He had the reputation of a big time flirt and he was equally disliked because of that. Irrespective, his short blond hair and blue eyes would always make some other girl lose her speech mid-sentence.

“Please, someone send for the bomb squad, Bryan’s head is about to explode,” Joshua said while rolling his eyes. “You’re full it.”

It did not help that as soon as they got to the lockers Britney and Ren were staring at him. “I’ll be right back, my adoring fans await,” he nudged Joshua with his elbow before stepping over to the two girls.

Joshua opened his locker and exchanged his English book for math. He opened his school bag and pulled out a calculator, some pencils, and his notebook before closing the locker again. As soon as the door to the locker closed, there was Brian’s blue eyes staring right at him. “Rena wants you bad, and I mean really bad,” Brian said with a bright look on his face. “Bro this is your time to shine.” Joshua turned the combination lock on his locker and walked away without a word. “Bro really?” Brian stood there with his palms open and arms out. “Oh come on, you can’t seriously be going to class at a time like this.”

“See you later Brian, I’m going to be late,” Joshua said as he walked towards his next class.


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