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Updates on the progress of various works in progress.

Whats Going On! – Sept 25, 2017

What’s going on you ask?

I have a few new projects I am currently working on.

  • I am currently working on a short story for a competition.

    • The top contestants will receive the opportunity to publish their stories in a short story anthology. Once the competition has ended and the decision has been made, I might release my entry on, read fiction online section and it will also be available as an ebook on Amazon and complimentary to my email subscribers.
  • In other news, I am also starting a new web novella

    • which I plan to release for your reading enjoyment, again, on, in the read fiction online section. I haven’t yet decided on a title for this work. Therefore, at the end of the series, I plan to get it professionally edited and released as an ebook. I will have various competitions and votes taken for titles, book covers, and other decisions I might not be inclined to make on my own (or just being too lazy). To sweeten the deal, I plan to give away Amazon & iTunes gift cards for simply giving your opinion.

This has been “Whats Going On!”

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