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Author Trevauhn Grant aka T. A. GrantWelcome to the mental condition and inner workings of the author and content creator T. A. Grant. Experience the madness of a potential supernatural psycho author.

I love to create worlds for my readers to escape to. My desire is to paint pictures with words. Using prose as my weapon, your emotions are at my mercy. I want to leave you wondering, contemplating, imagining, jumping up and down in gleeful delight. If I could only see you go running down the street, leaving all your cares at home, because you’ve found a brand new liberty you’ve never felt before; that would be my measure of success.

Let me not presume to be more than I actually am. Because I am not more than I am. I simply am who I am; a creative. I create things of all shapes and sizes and concepts. I create with everything within me. Then when I have nothing else to give, I go and find more, turn it through the machine of my mind and regurgitate it for all to see; the glorious beautiful innards of my imagination.

Again, I welcome you to something, unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before.

A Safe Place

You will find a safe place in the world of my books. You can love the forbidden,FREE ebook travel through light portals to new worlds, become the necromancer drug lord you’ve always dreamed of, or follow a dollar bill on its quest of destiny. Then when you’re ready, you can return to your regularly scheduled mundane activities, which might include but is not limited to: going to school, walking through the park, riding the train, or lounging at the senior center with old man Marti.

What ever it is, don’t do it without “A Novel to Escape to.”

The Proof Is In The Pudding

It is scientifically known that a good story with great conflict will undoubtedly make you feel as though you’re base jumping off the side of an icy mountain peak. And undoubtedly a great conflict will make you feel as though you have the cold metal tube pressed to the side of your temple. A great story’s conflict will put you in the character’s place. And after a long day of work, you can feel the relief of finally slaying the dragon with the eternal sword of power. You can finally be proud of your son or daughter graduating from Princess Academy. When you put your book marker at the beginning of chapter 15, knowing that you need to go to bed but wanting nonetheless to know what happens next, know that your escape is only a tap on the Kindle or a page turn away.

Join The Quest

There are more adventures to be had. There are more worlds to explore. More dragons to slay and more beautiful Princesses to kiss. There are more dark alleys, more futuristic city metropolises, more alien space crafts and more death knight demon kings to exorcise from cute little girls. So if you haven’t already:

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