Welcome to the mental condition and inner workings of the one T. A.Grant. Experience the madness of a potential supernatural psycho author. I love to create worlds for my readers to escape to.

I love to paint pictures in the minds of unsuspecting patrons of my work. I love to leave you wondering, contemplating, imagining, jumping up and down in gleeful delight. I want to see you go running down the street, leaving all your cares at home, because you’ve found a brand new liberty you’ve never felt before.

Let me not presume to be more than I actually am. Because I am not more than I am. I simply am who I am. I am creative. I create things of all shapes and sizes and concepts. I create with everything within me. Then when I have nothing else to give, I go and find more, turn it through the machine of my mind and regurgitate it for all to see; the glorious beautiful innards of my imagination.

Again, I welcome you to something, unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before.